Handy Hints

Here are a few tips and hints that we find handy for removing stains from clothing and furnishings.

How do I remove stains?

Stain removal is often a process that involves several steps. Identifying the stain and treating it quickly are two important steps. The staining substance often needs to be broken down chemically before it can be removed. To do this requires the use of water, solvent, soaps and detergents and/or specific stain removal agents. I't easy to get the soaps into the fabric, but for a good job getting all the stuff out is the key. So while we will offer some well published home remedies from time to time - remember - if you are serious about the stain removal - if the garment or furnishing is important to you - unless you are certain - don't mess with it. Bring it to us or call 02 4229 3111

How do I get chocolate from my car seat?

Probably you don't. Give us a call - we can do a spot clean job on just that seat - call us, schedule a time and drive the car in - we can do it while you wait - do it before you get the car detailed

How do I get cat urine off my rug?

Urine is uric acid and it crystalises. It is extremely difficult to remove - often after cleaning the cat just comes right on back to the same spot. We have a product availabe from our stores called Urine Off. We use it with terrific results in our factory. You can read about Urine Off at www.urine-off.com.au If the rug is important to you, then we recommend bringing it in to us for cleaning